How do you get motivated?

Just wondering what you guys out there do to get and stay motivated??


Starting an indie recording studio at home?

Look, we know it’s tough to get started. And once you get past the idea that you can’t do it because you don’t have a lot of money, you will realize that you probably have everything you need to laying down tracks. If you’re not recording and releasing your own music, if you have access to a computer, you have a big jump on what you need! This article keeps it simple because sometimes people get too bogged down in the deets!IMG_6785

Entrepreneurs: Just in case you need a pick me up!

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Takeover Tuesday: indie music artists i7iu7e + The Culprit Manifest

What a great day! Join STL indie sensation i7iu7e on 8/31 from noon-4p at Gaslight Studio/Lounge on the Hill where he will be finishing his verses for FameMachine, the highly anticipated project from The Culprit Manifest featuring his vox. This is some pretty insider info but we’d love to see you there! Plus the tacos are AMAZING!!

Indie Music Artist, i7iu7e, @gaslight 8/31

We are pleased to let you know that i7iu7e ( go ahead, guess how you say that!) will be at Gaslight Lounge 8/31 noon-4p moving through the last half of the FameMachine project. Come show him support and have a drink or two! #daydrinking

Setlist will include:

Who Knows
GuitarJones (this one makes us all wanna pick up a Les Paul!)



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indie music sneak preview: FameMachine* i7iu7e + The Culprit Manifest

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