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No sense in learning the hard way – if you’ve decided to make music your business, learn as much as you can now. It is challenging, expensive and painful to learn after the fact. Sure, you will make mistakes but hopefully, you won’tmake the kind you can’t fix!

Indie Music artists: don’t learn the hard way

I can’t wait to sign our deal…congrats!

Sony Pictures Inks Virtual Reality Deal With Reality One – The Hollywood Reporter

Indie media: just mediaworks bets big on indie music

Presently, just mediaworks has agreed to a licensing deal for FameMachine from The Culprit Manifest and i7iu7e. And both TCM and i7iu7e have completed enough new material for two more records this winter. Thank you for your continued support. Keep listening, posting and retweeting! We are making stronger partnerships every day so that we can give you great musical experiences!! Namaste!

Tuesday: tales from indie music

We are patiently putting the finishing touches on FameMachine. Thank you for your support!!! 

Indie Music Moguls

Check out our sister site and step up your boss game.

Indie Music Moguls!

Indie Music Artists & Creators: Swag Alert

We have been fiercely independent since 2009. We make the projects we want to make and we do that partially through crowdfunding. Show your independent spirit and help us launch more cool things to listen to and watch!! We are moving into virtual reality and your $$ won’t be wasted. Thanks in advance, phalanx!

just mediaworks on Teespring!

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indie crowdfunding: just mediaworks on Teespring

Visit our store! Thanks to everyone who is buying our merch – this is how we crowdfund our projects! And we have some great stuff in the pipeline. 

just mediaworks on Teespring (yep!!)


Friday Feeling

New music coming soon! Thank you so much for your encouragement & support!

Indie hit: Untitled3AM – The Culprit Manifest

VR, indie music, merch: just mediaworks is rising higher.

Thanks to some fantastic strategic partnerships (like the one we have with Gaslight Studios! Thx JB) we are forging ahead with our Fame Machine Project. Only two more tracks to go. And get to Gaslight – best drinks in the city!!!


i7iu7e in the studio with Zagk @Gaslight


In addition, we are going to partner on some Virtual Reality projects with Show Me Virtual and hopefully, we can build more relationships in that arena.

GrooVR has sent us a surge of listeners for Untitled 3AM, so that’s dope.

Also, we have a sister site called Indie Music Moguls that has just launched and has a lot of great buzz.


Then there’s our I7I t-shirt line – thanks to those who have already purchased and to those about to shop, we salute you!!


Things are going well – we thank you! And invite you to GET WITH US!!!