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Is your business ready for Virtual Reality? There are few businesses that I think won’t benefit from VR – that means we are on the ground floor of a revolution so why wait? If you think your business could benefit from this immersive storytelling platform, get in touch with us! We can help you figure it out!


The Race to Make Virtual Reality an Actual (Business) Reality

August 3, 2016

Get at us #STL! Join i7iu7e and Hearskra-z for a spoken word, live music, beats & rhymes kinda night. We will go where the art takes us. $5 cover. Vibe with us! Gaslight Lounge 4916 Shaw on the Hill!!


Goodnight – The Culprit Manifest

New music from TCM. Enjoy it with someone you enjoy being with:-)

Untitled 3am

People on GrooVR dig it so I’m guessing you will too!


Arnon Milchan is right…


The business model has devolved to the point where creativity is the LAST thing that enters a studio’s mind when making a picture. Storytelling is dead bc it won’t bring in as much as a comic book film with a companion sandwich at Burger King. Of course, I am a creative, he says it stinks from an earnings point of view. To me, you can’t have one without the other…

The movie business stinks. If somebody asked me, “What’s a good way to make money?” I would say, “Stay away from the movie business, period.” Take Revenant: You take the cost, you add P&A [prints and advertising] and the distribution fee — you have $300 million behind one movie.

Vinyl’s Cancellation Sheds Light on HBO’s Current Struggles — TIME

HBO’s most immediately vexing problem—what to do with the drama Vinyl, which underwhelmed in the ratings and was met with tough reviews after its February premiere—has been conclusively solved. The series, which was to receive a reboot in its second season after the departure of showrunner Terence Winter, has instead been cancelled, a semi-surprising move…

via Vinyl’s Cancellation Sheds Light on HBO’s Current Struggles — TIME

Does Spotify=bad habits?


Spotify is creating bad habits according to Pandora boss.“What drives me crazy is there is a substantial part of the digital music world that is educating listeners to believe that they can get music for free, and for free on demand,” Westergren said. “It creates bad habits.”

Eventually, the industry will have to figure out how to fairly compensate artists. Right now, if you aren’t touring, you aren’t making a ton of money. It’s called music streaming not oceans of music for a reason!cropped-img_0742.jpg

How do you know if you will be great?


10 Signs you are destined to make it big!

New addition

Happy to announce that we are adding a new producer. And guess what? We are going to be selling those beats!cool guyMore news coming soon.

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