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The Culprit Manifest loves Lamborghinis and here’s proof

We think this song goes well with automobile video. This is part of the licensing process – figuring out how we want to market the music!

Indie Music: Be Unstoppable

If this is what you were born to do, you can’t stop!! 🎶🎶🎶

New song RAF draws inspiration from Tony Robbins

The messengers known as Agents WXY+Z aka The Culprit Manifest believe that attitude is what makes you rich af more than money.

W: “We all know someone who has money or got money and they were miserable and awful to be around. Money can make your life more fun in terms of things to do but if you are sad and miserable with no plan to stop being sad and miserable, money won’t f-ing help.”

Z: “We all want and need money but not at the expense of our happiness.”

Y nods in agreement.

X: “If this turns to shit and feels like work, I don’t care what the bank balance is, I’m out. Life is too short.”

Follow your bliss, fellas❤️️

ReverbNation: The Culprit Manifest is #1

This is kinda cool. Our resident producers are enjoying life at the top on the St. Louis EDM ReverbNation charts. Great job, guys! #phalanx

I7iu7e: Lyrics for new song

Finishing #FameMachine – now he is working on new lyrics for his next project 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🎤

The Culprit Manifest+i7iu7e: R A F preview (explicit) DEMO

Another demo for the licensing phase of our FameMachine project!

Lamborghini DEMO

We are moving towards licensing our music. Here’s the demo for Lamborghini using method+technique!

Income Streams for the Independent Artist

As you know, in the music business today, all artists have to explore ways to monetize their music. This is especially true for independents. And as we near completion on FameMachine, our next step is licensing. This is how we visualize “CaliforniaFree”.  (DEMO only) Video from XSportHero – Best of Extreme Sport compilation.