the goods


We are very serious about being independent artists. We aren’t faking it. Apparently, it’s popular to have a deal with a label and keep it a secret. This ain’t that. We make the projects we want to make. And we will take your money, but you can’t have our creative freedom, so keep that in mind. It is worth repeating:

Independence is not for everyone. So stay safe if that’s your bag…if you’re ready to be bold, to access greatness, to really be a boss, then get your uniform!

We question everything and we are wide awake. We are better than a family. We are a #phalanx

Check out our Teespring store for more merch!

Oh yeah, we make good music, too.

just released: FameMachine (a co-production with Gaslight)

We have a limited number of collector’s editions so contact us to purchase one! We have some very cool promos!!! Will also be available digitally soon!

Music is available to stream or purchase through all major outlets including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, BandCamp, Amazon & Google Play! Also, look for us on YouTube!

4/21: method+technique re-release!

m+t 2 cover


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