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What started out as a request for help with music distribution has grown into a roster of independent artists with a small but devoted international following. I have been working in and around entertainment for nearly two decades (screenwriting) and I didn’t know anything about the music business other than what I had read or seen on Behind The Music. But when this group of young media makers approached me, the request was simple: will you help us? “We just want to be creative and not get into being famous or dealing with record companies or being cheated, and you already have a company…so…” And here we are.

I am delighted to help the team out. They are humble and truly not in it to be famous. They work hard at their craft and want to make great music. I applaud them and work just as hard to make their dreams a reality. Which is how the group came up with the name The Culprit Manifest. And yes, dreams do come true!


Judith A. Culp

CEO, just mediaworks

Coming soon: FameMachine🔥 ( a partnership project with Gaslight)

The Culprit Manifest
Our version of the Fab Four: Agents W, X, Y, Z.

When I asked the team to describe their sound they said: if you can make it sound humble, it’s driving through Paris in a Lamborghini. So this is that. I present that to you humbly 🙂 That does sound like a great night! Tell us what you think sounds cool!

Joining the team are:

indie hip-hop artist: i7ui7e, lyricist & chief spitter


indie electronic: DJ Revocat



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