Gary Vaynerchuk: Hate to Love :-)

For some reason, this dude used to just annoy the crap out of me. But somewhere in the last month as I’ve been growing my business and securing capital, it dawned on me why the hate was actually love. He tells the truth. It’s in your face. It’s harsh but when you’re NOT giving %150, the person who tells you that feels like an enemy. But this dude is the truth. The last call is amazing!!


Accords and Lamborghinis

This is an excerpt from California Free:

It was kinda bizarre

When I got in my car

And left it all behind

I thought I’d lost mind

But I just closed my eyes

And hit the road to drive

No clock to watch

So I ain’t know the time

I was so surprised

I felt so alive

Oakleys polarized

So the sun don’t roast my eyes…

from “California Free” by The Culprit Manifest ft. i7iu7e ‪#‎FindYourFree‬ ( all of these dudes love Lambos, but I can tell you the car that was driven was an Accord :-p )