We are working with Gaslight to finish FameMachine. This is an exciting time for our company. We are working on many projects and all of them are dope in their own way. As an independent media company, we rely on strong partners and loyal fans to make sure we reach our goals. JB and Gaslight have been that for us. Soon, you’ll see what the team has been working on for the last year. And it’s a milestone project for multiple reasons:

  1. The Culprit Manifest has been producing music since 2007, releasing music since 2014 and have never done a collaboration. What? 😳
  2. i7iu7e has been performing in hip-hop shows around STL for the last 10+ years and this is his debut album release. What?😜
  3. Gaslight is one year old and the FameMachine Project – a concept record – is one of their first releases as a small indie label in partnership with just mediaworks. What?πŸ™‚

Looking forward to getting it out into the world and thanks so much for the love everyone has shown along the way!!



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