We had to make some changes. As we are sitting on the precipice of our biggest record yet, I noticed that one or more of our collaborators was becoming harder to work with. Yes, I know, how can you have an ego problem within a group that hasn’t cracked Billboard or made a ton of money yet. We have vowed not to speak their names and we wish them well. And just so people don’t get confused, we are going with the founding members aka the foundation – our version of the Fab Four. They refer to themselves as Agents W, X, Y + Z. Best of luck to the losers…I mean former members. And yeah, I’m a little mad about it but moving onward and upward. JAC

5/16 Former members threatened to leak songs from the upcoming record “FameMachine”. I beat them to the punch by releasing the single “California Free” featuring i7iu7e. This is exactly why I started my indie company – to avoid being manipulated by people who didn’t have my best interest at heart. My job is to make sure that the groups on our label are free to create. So that’s my focus. If you guys will keep listening and buying our music, WE WIN. Thank you!


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