LinkedIn: Beats by Dr. Dre just seem cooler than Bose

As a communications marketing person one of the many challenges I face is not only getting businesses to consider their social media presence vs. their traditional media bias. However, cutting edge brands and organizations are already dominating in that space. And the two social media jobs open at Beats and its competitor Bose face two very different agendas. Beats are perceived to be the best because they have the elusive cool factor. I’m not sure I think they are better. I know I don’t believe they are worth $200+. And Bose has to decide how to grab the cool factor. Or maybe they don’t even want to compete on that level. Maybe they should just focus on quality and history. NFL players have shunned them even though they are the official headphone of the league. I think both jobs will be good for anyone’s resume but if you like a challenge, head to Boston’s Bose.


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