Insights: Yes, It’s time to hire a pro to do your social media


This op-ed piece is spot on. While social media is not a panacea for all that ails your business, it is a necessary tool to advance your marketing and thought leadership agenda. And to continue to pay lip service to its value but insist on giving the role to an intern or tack it onto the bottom of another person’s to do list as an afterthought defeats the purpose. Also, hiring someone to do your social media part-time is going to net you part-time results. The internet never shuts down. Content is the key to starting the conversation. Twitter is amazing for real-time results. Facebook has changed its algorithm so much that it’s nearly impossible to get organic reach – it is clear that they want you to buy exposure and maybe that isn’t right for your organization. That’s why you hire someone who looks at the data and makes informed choices for your company. It’s time to commit! 2015!!

I use Sprout Social and I think their Insights are very helpful 🙂


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