Why Apple Will Eventually Kill Beats Music

It’s not clear what will become of Beats Music. Some say it will take over, some say it will disappear. Time will tell.


Today isn’t the day Beats Music died. But that’s just around the bend.

Apple issued a rare public denial Monday of a report that the company is shuttering the Beats Music streaming service, which it acquired along with the rest of Beats in a $3-billion deal earlier this year. Apple didn’t say much else, leaving the tech world guessing about the future of Beats Music—and even if Apple’s denying it will shutter Beats Music today, this week or this month, it probably will do exactly that sometime down the road.

Apple bought Beats back in May, the $3-billion price tag making Beats the cash-loaded company’s biggest-ever acquisition. Initially, the deal looked to many like it was about Beats’ best-known product: Those iconic, typically bass-heavy headphones that are more status symbol than audiophile heaven. But it was really about software: Apple’s music platform, iTunes, is built around a download model, while…

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