Lawmakers Caution Dr. Oz on Weight Loss Tips


Lawmakers warned the TV personality Doctor Oz to proceed with caution when offering weight loss tips Tuesday.

Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill called Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show, to testify at a hearing on weight loss scams and deceptive advertising for weight loss products after recent endorsements made on his show.

“Your credibility is being maligned by fraudsters and frankly being threatened by the notion that anybody can take an itty bitty pill to push fat out of their system,” McCaskill said to Oz during the hearing.

McCaskill cited the example of Oz’s recent suggestion that viewers to take FBCx, a diet pill, to get back on track if they cheat on their diets. Dr. Oz’s website champions the pill as one of “3 Ways to Get Your Fat to Eat Itself.” Oz defended his recommendation, explaining that FBCx is essentially fiber and that his…

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