RECAP: Game of Thrones Watch: Fee Fi Fo Fum!



Spoilers for last night’s Game of Thrones follow:

“The Watchers on the Wall” was an episode of Game of Thrones in which there was a hell of a lot of action and yet very little happened.

I don’t mean by that to slight Neil Marshall’s direction of The Battle of Castle Black, the visual effects (some of which, like the giants and mammoths attacking the gate, were stunning for an episode of series TV), or the power of Ygritte’s dying in Jon Snow’s arms. (And who wasn’t mouthing, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” before she even gasped it out as her last words?)

But contrast “Watchers” with season two’s “Blackwater,” one of the series’ finest hours and the last episode dedicated wholly to one location in and around a massive battle. That episode, in which Stannis Baratheon’s seemingly unstoppable naval assault on King’s Landing turned into a rout thanks to…

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