This site is running Facebook ads that say Facebook is creepy



Originally posted on Fortune:

When ad-free social network Ello launched last October, it got instant hype and attention as alternative to Facebook. At its peak — while still in invite-only beta — the site had 34,000 people requesting invitations per hour. It was growing so quickly that it was the victim of a cyberattack in its first weekend.

But as can happen with anything viral, Ello lost steam. And now the network that aims to challenge Facebook has launched a new ad campaign to reach more users—on Facebook.

Beginning Wednesday, Ello is running Facebook ads that target you based on your browsing history and other metrics that Facebook tracks. As a Mic story about the strategy points out, the advertisements “tell you what Facebook’s advertisers can learn about you.” If Facebook knows you’re single, you might see an Ello ad that says, with a person peering out from behind a window, “They told…

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Finding $ for marketing: The challenges for non-profits and small businesses

I have a few urgent messages from sales people on my voicemail. You know the drill – they tease you with a white paper or something to download and then all of a sudden they are contacting you urgently. I went to the pricing section of one of the caller’s companies and they charge $500 a month for their service. No wonder he’s calling. However, I work with small businesses and non-profits, and I manage my own small business, $500 a month is not in the budget. And I’m not sure that it should ever be in any budget for an organization under 10,000 people. Unfortunately, so many small businesses need these great services but can’t afford them. Every non-profit I have come across in the past year wants to devote money to marketing but either can’t or can barely afford to hire the level of professional they need. Even some of the small businesses I’ve consulted with just can’t wrap their brains around hiring someone to do social media for anything over 40K. What are small businesses and cash-strapped organizations to do? I am pretty economically priced but I know the disadvantage it presents to not be able to use the latest analytics and measuring technology to see if it’s really worth spending money on. Yeah, ROI. Some of the social monitoring software starts at $60 a month – that’s just to manage your posts and monitor their effectiveness all in one pretty user interface. If you are trying to keep the lights on, that’s an expenditure you can’t justify. It’s a conundrum. Everyone needs marketing but coming up with money to spend on marketing is another issue. Some companies have it and won’t spend it on outreach, digital or otherwise. Others don’t have it to spend on marketing of any kind but know without it, they won’t survive. These are the issues that keep some small business owners and managers up at night. I suggest flexibility. For instance, I work remotely for several clients. They simply can’t afford to hire me full-time, however, I can work on retainer and deliver results creating a win, win for all parties. Yes, it’s different. Working remotely isn’t for everyone. And managing a remote worker isn’t for everyone, either. It’s challenging because many companies can’t imagine not seeing a person tied to a desk in this high-profile role performing exceptionally in a virtual manner. But here’s the reality – being flexible will be the only way many smaller firms and organizations will be able to participate in emerging media platforms. Expertise costs. And the tools to be an expert are expensive, too. Be open, be flexible and the right pro can come in and be quite effective! This can work, I know from experience. Welcome to the new normal!


There’s nothing behind you…

Today, I had to look at a situation and be honest – there’s just no way I can go back to that scene. I realized that I have no reverse gear. What’s done is done. If something new rises up in its place, then it’s a new thing, but to go back, isn’t an option for me. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. How often are we stuck trying to go backward when life is demanding we move forward. IMG_3091

Twitter Is Giving Advertisers More User Data In The Hope That They Spend More



Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Twitter is hoping to help marketers better understand their Twitter audience by adding a tool that will give them deeper user behavior around organic tweets.

The audience insights dashboard tool adds some similar insights as the Facebook advertising platform with aggregate information on user demographics, interests, and purchasing behavior as well as what television shows users watch and their mobile usage. These new insights are expected to help advertisers identify a more relevant audience for upcoming campaigns on the platform.

“You can also use audience insights to learn more about your followers and the people who engage with your Tweets, and then tailor your targeting and content accordingly. For instance, if you’re an app developer and see that the majority of your followers use an iPhone, you can make sure your rich media is tailored for that device,” a Twitter blog post about the new insights states.

Will these new…

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Woman Hospitalized After Bite From Black Widow Spider Hiding In Grapes From The Supermarket

Originally posted on Consumerist:

(frankieleon) (frankieleon) Just because we’ve heard of people finding black widow spiders in their grapes doesn’t make it any less icky this time around: A Vermont woman was reportedly hospitalized after a stowaway arachnid hiding in her produce bit her.

The woman bought the grapes at a Shaw’s supermarket in Massachusetts, reports WPTZ. Her mother says that when she reached her hand into the bag of fruit, the spider crawled up her daughter’s arm and took a bite.

They were able to catch the spider, bringing it along with them to the hospital. A nurse confirmed to WPTZ that the spider had been identified correctly.

A representative from Shaw’s Public Affairs office issued a statement regarding the incident, saying that the the health and safety of products it sells and its customers are of the highest priority.

“We have been closely monitoring the situation and been in contact…

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The Surprising Reason Why China’s SUV Sales Are Up Almost 50%


This is also why there’s an increase in straw buyers in America to help get vehicles to Chinese drivers.

Originally posted on TIME:

The SUV, perhaps the most American of vehicles, is making a big splash in China, according to a new report.

China’s total SUV registrations rose 48% in the first quarter, according to investment research firm Sanford C. Bernstein. SUV registrations represented 27% of all vehicles registered in China during the first quarter of this year, nearly doubling the rate from just three years ago.

The interest in bigger trucks comes at least partially because Chinese drivers are suffering from some serious road rage, Bloomberg reports. With many drivers fearing for their safety while on the roads in China, they are opting for the bigger, more secure feeling of SUVs. The rise in road violence has grown along with a huge burst in vehicle ownership overall in the country, and the incidents have gotten so bad that the government has released a video urging drivers to calm down.

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83-Year-Old Racks Up $24,289 In AT&T Charges By Still Using AOL Dial-Up

Originally posted on Consumerist:

(Mike Mozart) (Mike Mozart) Believe it or not, AOL still has more than 2 million paying customers who dial into the service to get Internet access. And for people whose online use is minimal, this may be the cheaper option — unless some glitch causes your modem to start dialing an international line, leaving you to rack up thousands of dollars in charges while your phone company pleads ignorance.

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